• Philip de László, Portraits

    Philip de László: Portraits

    by Caroline Corbeau-Parsons, with forewords by Damon de Laszlo and Sandy Nairne. National Portrait Gallery publications, London, 2010 This richly illustrated 32-page booklet, written to accompany Philip de László, a Special Display (National Portrait Gallery, 27 March - 5 September 2010), includes a biography of the artist, an essay contrasting his private and public portraits, and descriptions of the nine paintings included in the display.
  • Philip de László, His Life and Art

    Philip de László, His Life and Art

    by Duff Hart-Davis, in collaboration with Caroline Corbeau-Parsons. Yale University Press, London, 2010 This is the first biography of de László since Owen Rutter's published in 1939, and this new account of both his life and his work draws on much new material from the family archive consisting of over 15,000 documents. It establishes the intrinsic importance of his art and re-positions him alongside his great contemporaries John Singer Sargent, Sir John Lavery and Giovanni Boldini. 100 black-&-white illustrations + 45 colour images 448 pages
  • De László in Holland

    De László in Holland: Dutch Masterpeices by Philip Alexius de László

    by Tonko Grever and Annemieke Heuft (Sandra de Laszlo, British ed.) Paul Holberton Publishing, London, 2006. Published to accompany the 2006 exhibition at the Museum Van Loon, Amsterdam.
  • A Brush with Grandeur

    A Brush with Grandeur

    by Sandra de Laszlo, ed., & Christopher Wentworth-Stanley. Paul Holberton Publishing, London, 2004. A revised edition is now available. It was published to accompany the exhibition held at Christie’s King Street in January 2004, presented by the Hungarian Ministry of Cultural Heritage as part of Magyar Magic, the Festival of Arts arranged by the Hungarian Cultural Centre in London, November 2003-November 2004. It was a resounding success: the exhibition attracted some 17,000 people in just 17 days. About one in five visitors purchased the book produced on the occasion of the exhibition.